I’m an introvert who like most introverts enjoys time alone away from people and social outings. Give me miles and miles apart from you and your bullshit. Give me a strange trail winding through the West up the rocky mountains with only the views God created and I think this rebel soul will be filled. … More Brownlee


A Family Guided

Once again another regular Michigan duck and goose season is in the books. It was a hell of a year with more lows than highs. I am not selfish nor greedy and I take it all with an appreciation only my wife would understand. I approached my good friend Tyler Cotter who works and guides … More A Family Guided

A Seasons Grind

We are well into December in Michigan and winter is bearing down on us. Snow is flying and the temps are dropping. Most ponds are freezing over and lake shores are not far behind. This is our favorite time of year. Flannels are ripping through the swamps and fields, layers of clothing underneath are a … More A Seasons Grind

Autumn Grace

We are pregnant with our 3rd child and as we would like to embrace a boy into this world we have blown the nuts of the tree once again. A little baby girl is in the works and incubating inside my wife’s womb. My heart was torn with our last child Ella Mae when we … More Autumn Grace


September is here and gone with a 25 day early goose season in it. Michigan changed up the regulations on their resident goose season, giving us 25 days instead of the normal 15, and keeping the limit at 5 birds a day throughout the entire season. I see good and bad in this, but mostly … More Molts


As an outdoorsman/woman we can all relate to the changing seasons and what it brings to all of us. For some of us the scenery may not ever change much and for the rest of us we see the full effects of nature’s bounty. As outdoorsmen and women we seem to transition from one thing … More Transition

Mud Magic

The season for ducks and geese has been full of weather dependent surprises, fluctuating up and down throughout the 60 days spanning from October to December. El Nino has been a giant victor within itself, crushing many waterfowlers dreams. In the midst of the crazy weather patterns throughout the fall we put up good numbers … More Mud Magic


A utility knife was the weapon of choice, after gobbles of beer and whiskey, to seal our bond, forever as one, sometime around the year 2000. It was the night when we became blood brothers. As incapacitated as it all seems, the moment of that night stands out to this day and marks the time … More Easter


Met through a friend on a December duck hunt, I shook the hand of a long haired bearded fella named Austin Guimmi. I’m not one who enjoys a shooter in the blind, but Austin, unbeknownst to him, is just what I figured him to be. A shooter is what I call someone who wants to go … More Greenhorn